1985 KX125 cylinder boring/honing

I bought a 1985 KX125 for a $100. It’s in pieces but it’s all there. One thing I ran into is this cylinder. It’s scored on the inside. I think the top end blew up on this that’s why it’s apart. Wanna see what you guys think. Is it ok to where I can hone it out myself or should I send it out, I know a local place. My friend works on bikes a lot and he says it’s not too bad I could do either or. I’ve done a few cylinders so far so I know about the cross hatching and stuff. Spec size is 56.00mm








If memory serves me right that should be a plated cylinder. You will not be able to hone it. You have 2 options. Have it replated , or have it sleeved. Both will cost about the same. Having it replated is the better option in my opinion. And that cylinder is toast by the way.

Nah it ain’t toast

if you mean that it is not slightly charred bread ,well yes you are correct .

If you mean it is still a serviceable cylinder by any standard of mechanical fitness,then no you are wrong..



I’m getting it replated

10 minutes ago, mlucas1995 said:

I’m getting it replated


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