Filtering your fuel before it goes in

Was just reading a thread about a possible plugged FI filter causing issues. Does someone make disposable funnels etc that filter fuel you place over the fuel tank opening before you dump your fuel in or any other way to pre-filter?....thanks 

yes, in tank filter, inline filters, funnel filters, coffee filters in funnel, cheese cloth in funnels etc..   keeps junk out, some of which would be caught by the stock inline or pump screen anyway,  But even with all that injector can get deposits from the additives used in fuel.  You can get your injectors cleaned and see a difference in flow even using good filtering.

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thanks i have never filtered my fuel but now owning an fi bike and another one in a few months i'm going to filter it. my old two strokes i ran the inlines and those worked good. i just came across a filter funnel with a built in water separator.  

ordered it! thanks kran. i like the fact it does water too. our local gas station minutes away from house just started carrying non-ethanol too. before it was a 90 min drive. 

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