DR350 bst carb. Inlet pipe


Carb is similar to the DRZ carb. Anyone know if the inlet can be rotated to point forward. The oversize tank doesn't drain completely the way it is now.

Never tried to rotate a fixed inlet. I would eliminate, or relocate the filter & loop the line over the back of carb ??



the exploded view of the carb on Motosport's site does not show that as removable.

probably pressed in.

I have a dr650 with the same issue. I assume your carb inlet pipe is like mine, pressed in. You can put the tube in a vice and rotate the carb to get the inlet pipe to the desired angle. There’s a catch to this however, you have about a 50/50 chance it’ll rotate or snap. I was too chicken shit to try it so I rock my set up just like you do. I don’t think you miss out on too much fuel the way you have it.

ps. If you do decide to try to rotate the inlet pipe use a little heat at the base of the inlet pipe before attempting to rotate.

Petcock stand pipes will never let a tank fully drain.  It is done this way to protect your carb from the accumulated fuel crud in your tank.  Looks like you have a cross over pipe, I have to lean my bike over to get the right side fuel.

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