KTM 250 Exc-f timing chain tensioner

Hi, currently doing the valves in my ktm. Only just bought it not long ago, but thought I'd go over the bike make sure it's all in spec. Just wondering how to set the chain tensioner when reassembling? As to in which position the tensioner should be before start up? Thankyou.


You need to have your timing all set correctly and the tensioner in the fully collapsed position. Once installed, use a screw driver to release the tensioner, then put the cap on. Rotate the engine by hand via the crank till all the timing marks line up again. If it gets difficult to turn at any point, stop and assess the issue otherwise you will bend the valves.


Ok thankyou I have found top dead centre with the little notch on the crank. I also took the side case off to see the point where the cam chain drive lines up also will make sure sure the two lines match on the cam. Thanks very much for your help.

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