Tough One

I know this will probably start a !#$%^ storm as it has been beat to death but two stroke versus four stroke in this video really appears to show that fours strokes certainly seem to get more traction in the gnar than the two's. I ride a two stroke and it is an absolute blast but wow, when things get steep and muddy the fours really seem to walk up things that the two's really struggle on. Again, sorry, it has been talked about over and over and the arguments will continue but this sure seems to highlight the always talked about "tractor" prowess of the four stroke. 


Sorry, not sure why volume didn't transfer. I think I had it on when copying. It sure makes it easier to decipher:)

The battle that never ends is the battle of belief against disbelief.

They both have their pros and cons, but in the tractability department, I think the 4-stroke is a slight notch above.

The tire has time to recover between power strokes, where as the 2-stroke is yanking on the tire every time the piston is at T.D.C.

I ride both on Mx tracks, and like them both, but for me the 2-stroke is little more exciting.

It feels like you are throwing down a championship winning lap.

Yep, got a 450exc sitting in garage that is not being ridden at all anymore. The 200 two smoker is just so much more fun to ride. If it came down to lap times in the woods and slippery conditions I probably would be faster on the big one but for instantaneous throttle response and the kick in the ass, the little bike gets the nod.

I want a 2t as a stablemate for my 500, both have their place

You should have both

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