2018 ktm 250 xc vs husqvarna te 250

Ok in a couple of weeks I'm going to buy one of these bikes. I was just wondering why you're guys thoughts were on these bikes for my riding style and you're experiences? I am about 160 with gear on and ride mostly trail with a little bit of track now and then. I've always owned race bikes because I've always liked the feel of them but I think it's time to get more of a trail bike with electric start ha. The xc appeals to me because it has a gearing that I'm a little mor accustomed to. But are the aer 48 air forks better for me with my wheight or would the xplor forks be better. I picked these bikes because of the linkage and that's what I'd like to stay with . Hope to hear all you have to say.

Motor wise the bikes are the same except 1st and 2nd gear . The cdi in the xc is the same as the sx.  Suspension will be firmer in the xc. If you're going to be doing some track riding I would lean to the xc over the te.  I have a 17 250xc and find it s very versatile bike. I love the air forks. Very easy to adjust to suit what I'm riding. I use my bike for enduros and harescrambles. Whether it's slow technical trails or wide open fast wooped out terrain the bike just eats it up.  I've been on a lot of different bikes over the years and the 250xc is the best bike I've ever owned.

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