FRiends of Cow Mountain Work Day Feb 11th

The Friends of Cow Mountain will be meeting at Westside Staging area, Cow Mountain, in time to be on the road headed to Whitethorn by 9:00 a....m. All you need is loppers (a small handsaw is helpful too), a little food, water, and transportation out to Whitethorn. Hope to see you there.  This brushing day is going to help the us with our matching funds needed for our green sticker OHV grant from the State of California.  We are hoping for everybody to come out so we can get the trail brushed in one day. Please come out and help. Also, please share/spread the word so we get as many people out as possible.  If you have questions you can send me a message.  We will have a few extra tools but bring yours if you have them.


Matt Finnegan

FOCM- President


The Friends of Cow Mountain has been busy doing paperwork for the last few months but it has paid off with two new grants being awarded, one from Yamaha and the other from the green sticker OHV grants.  That makes 3 grants in one year, time to get some real work done.



That trail needs some work really bad. I will be there for sure.

posting trail work is a thread  killer on TT,  

get off your buts and volunteer , slacker free loaders ..

bring the work party thread back to the top, i know its not peoples favorite subject but trail work must be done to have good trails to ride . big salute to the people that bring you good trails to ride   

Shit Matt way to get things done!!!!!!!!

Matt put in a lot off hard work to get those grants. At this point, it’s up to us to make Cow a great place to ride.

Thing that sucks is I work that day, Matt can message me for any thing he needs.  

iv been sum-mends to work on another trail system, due to lack of snow,  so i will bring my RV there for a few weeks of epic trail work.. its on the other side of the mountain as i like to say.. 

7 hours ago, brennan300 said:

Matt put in a lot off hard work to get those grants. At this point, it’s up to us to make Cow a great place to ride.

Matt is relay good, he dose stuff that most of us cant do, any dumb ass can grab a saw and cut and brush but they cant do what Matt dose..

I feel bad for guys, but at least you can still ride your dirt bikes

Big thanks to the North bay motorcycle club for all there hard work on trail 16 today. Can’t say much for TT guys showing up. We got the trail cleared in 3 hours. It really goes fast when you have 15 guys.

dam thats a nice turn out, i worked on the other side of the valley, yea TT guys usually dont show up for work party's 

My dream as a young boy always was to ride “cow mountain”

Wanted to say thanks for all the help.  Lets give a shout out to Yamaha for their generous support of our work.





23 hours ago, DaBadazZ said:

My dream as a young boy always was to ride “cow mountain”

Didn't you mean "Brokeback"?

Didn't you mean "Brokeback"?


Worked on trail 4 today at Cow. I take clearing brush over work any day.

Agree with you Brennan and nice work you and the guys did.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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