Introduction, 2008 YZ250F

Well I just wanted to say a quick hello to the YZ community, just picked up my first dirtbike this weekend, a 2008 YZ250F.

A bit of background about me, grew up in Alaska riding dirtbikes on the beaches, but nothing more than that, and never owned one.

I have owned motorcycles for the last 10 years and currently have a Honda Fury cruiser, and since everyone likes photos:


I do sled too, so there is some throttle in my life outside of the cruiser, and yes, I was very buried in the photo:


I come from an extensive downhill bike background, but never got into dirtbiking because didn't want it to take away from the DH season, but I started to see that there would be added benefits to DH with some MX/trail riding cross training.

I lurked on here reading a lot for the last couple of months and my decision came between am 07 CRF250r and the 08 YZ250F. I could not pass up the deal of the YZ. Despite being an 08, it was a dealer floor model until a bit over 2 years ago. Then it was picked up by a father/son, ridden for 100 hours and I bought it. Has a complete top end rebuild on it, valves, piston, rings, timing chain, cylinder, etc. Photo proof and documented. There was no damage to the top end that influenced the rebuild, the owners were all about preventative maintenance.

I got it out trail riding this last weekend and had a blast. A lot of stuff crossed over from DH, then there was the things that didn't, which I picked up on fairly quick. I had hot start issues that day unfortunately, and had to bump start it a few times (only when I killed it, if I used the engine kill it hot started fine). The bike came from about 4k ft, and I was riding at sea level.

I've got a jet kit coming for it, as well as it needs a new front wheel bearing and front tire is due.

So here's a couple of photos of it, then it was off to the races to get ready for parts to come in:






I realize I probably didn't need to tear it down this far to re jet and the o-ring mod, but I like wrenching. Good way to learn about the bike. It really only took me 40 minutes and a Jack Daniels to get to where it is above, so not bad. And I realized after I didn't need to take the rad shrouds off the tank, but oh well.

I'm a part of a few other forums as well, and like to contribute where I can. Lots of knowledge on this forum, so glad to be here and look forward to combing through everything and picking everyone's brain!

24 minutes ago, Micahdogg said:


Good looking bikes! Lets us know how the jetting goes.

Will do and thank you!

The JD kit got here today so I'll button it back up tonight.

Hey welcome to the community! Good for you for doing some prep work before you ride, behaviour like that will ensure you have a smooth start to your offroad career!

33 minutes ago, Husquire said:

Hey welcome to the community! Good for you for doing some prep work before you ride, behaviour like that will ensure you have a smooth start to your offroad career!

Thanks for the welcome. I'm all about keeping stuff in good shape. The "prep" work is coming after the first ride though having the issues I had. Better now than to ignore it though

Figured I'd update on my carb re-build.

I was hoping for a smooth night last night, bolt everything back up, but of course it doesn't work that way.

Replaced all of the jets, and then went to do the final leak jet and found that the PO had gorilla'd the heck out of the head and broke off the top where the flathead would normally bite:


It was late and I didn't have an EZ Out, but I have some small drills, so I just worked my way up in drill bit size until the wall of the old leak jet was very thin. I tried to use a pic to get the rest of it out, and unfortunately that didn't work because the brass had oxidized so the material in the threads was in there good. As careful as I could I walked the drill bit around to try to get the wall of the old jet to break, but upon doing that, I rolled a few of the aluminum float bowl threads over and thought I was done for.

Hopped on ebay and purchased a new (used) float bowl for a good price.

Got to work this morning and I brought the old one with me to see if there was anything I could do. We happen to have a machine shop at work and we had a M4 x .7 tap so I re tapped the threads. Luckily I didn't do as much damage as I thought, and the new leak jet seated great. Luckily the ebay seller was nice enough to let me return the other cover.

New one in:



I'll probably try and get some cover gaskets for the carb at the dealership, as well as the AP o-ring and u-ring, they're all looking a little "compressed"

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