Affordable way to DIY powder coat?

Does anyone know of an affordable powder coating gun?

There doesn't seem to be much on the market, and the ones I have found seem to be pretty crappy.

My budget is $400 USD for the gun. I already have an extra oven. 

I don't have any experience with powder coating, but I need it for a bike i'm restoring. And I am unable to send the parts to a shop to get it done. I have to do it myself. 

A good friend of mine bought his system at Harbor Freight and has had good success with small parts. I’ve had him do some stuff for me and they came out really nice.

Get yourself the Eastwood powder coating gun, I think it's around $150. I have a friend who has been doing at home powder coating with it for a few years, and he hasn't been let down by it one bit. He's don't small parts, car wheels, valve covers, and quite a bit more with it.

I recently started doing small parts with a harbor freight gun and a small toaster oven. Results have been great. The key is part prep. You need to make sure parts are stripped and clean. I use a vlast cabinet. The actual powder coating is the easiest part.

Harbor freight system was like $50, remember their $20 off coupon. 

It's good, pair that with a spair toaster oven and you can DIY small parts cheap. (It can never be used for food again)

HF also sells powder. 

Just saw your budget is $400 hah, ignore this all I guess.

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Have you thought about Duracoat?


3 minutes ago, TeamGreenPilot said:

Have you thought about Duracoat?


I think you've posted that 6 times in 6 threads in the last 6 minutes. :crazy:

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