Shorai shananigans

A few weeks back I received my new Shorai battery charger. I was quite excited to try this clever little unit out, even more so because my battery had been sitting in the bike since November and it's been -30C a few times. I expected the little fella to be a bit cold and drawn down due to the lack of activity and the low temps. Initially I tried it in the garage but it just didn't want to cooperate and was throwing malfunction codes so I removed the battery and brought the works inside to warm up. After a few hours I attempted to charge the battery again. Everything seemed find but after thirty minutes it beeped and started flashing a fault code (4 flashes) which may be due to a high cell variation. I tried a few times and it just kept failing after 30 minutes or so. 

At this point I referred to the charging instructions which informed me to contact Shorai. So I wrote them an e-mail explaining the situation. Weeks passed and then last night I received a response. Firstly they were alarmed that I had installed such a small battery stating, "The LFX09 is way too small for the XR650L.  IN fact it will probably melt the battery.  That is generally for 250cc and below. Most XR650L have high voltage output as well so this can also overheat the smaller batteries.". They suggested the LFX19A4 but of course they are assuming that I'm installing it in the factory battery box. There is no way the LFX19A4 will fit under our seats.

At this point I educated them on what we (XR owners) have been doing by linking them to a Shorai build thread on TT. Then they sent me a bunch of info regarding battery troubleshooting and cold weather use, for which I thanked them. They then wished me good luck and asked to be kept apprised of the health of the battery just out of curiosity.

I solved the battery issue a couple of weeks ago by leaving it on the charger overnight in "store" mode. The following morning it accepted a charge properly and then went back in the BRP, where it cranked and fired the beast just fine.

So that's just a bit of information that may be of some help to the members here who have Shorai batteries in their bikes. I can't attach the PDF files here but if you want them just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send them direct to you.


Been using the lfx09 for 3 seasons. Works great. No melting. Not sure where you got that bit of information...

2012 XR650L

Just now, MeCH_MaN said:

Been using the lfx09 for 3 seasons. Works great. No melting. Not sure where you got that bit of information...

It was Shorai that suggested that this may happen, not me.

If the outer cells were warmer then the inner cells, the voltage changes with temperature, and that could lead to a temporary high cell variation.

Have there been any recent instances of Shorai's bursting into flames or have they figured out the problem ?  A quick Google says carry a fire extinguisher.    :lol:

7 minutes ago, JoeRC51 said:

Have there been any recent instances of Shorai's bursting into flames or have they figured out the problem ?  A quick Google says carry a fire extinguisher.    :lol:

Care to link us to a write up reference "Shorai Bursting Into Flames" Im not finding any such thing...

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