Acerbis tank/seat

I am thinking of getting the Acerbis 3.7 gallon tank for my DRZ400s.  I am wondering of the Acerbis tank raises the front of the seat higher than that of the stock tank?  Some of the pictures people have posted look like the third of the seat is at a higher angle than stock but it could be an optical illusion too either from camera angle or having a lower seat than stock. 



Before: (OEM)


After:  (IMS) 


2011 DRZ-400S...I didn't notice it being any different but it does look like it in a picture from nearly the same angle.

Thanks, if you do not notice it while riding, that is good enoug for me. I was concerned that the bigger tank would make it harder to get all of the way forward on the seat.

What petcock are you using with the tank?



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The Acerbis tank does raise the front of the seat up significantly. In fact, it will wrinkle the seat cover a bit and needs a little stretching until it relaxes into the new shape. With the new setup I actually feel better seated on the bike, I think it has to do with the wider tank being easier to grip with the knees when trailriding. It may make it harder to get farther forward, but with more weight centered and the different width, for me anyway the bike seems easier to ride.

Also, the seat will take a little more work to get on properly if you remove it for some reason.  




Thanks for the pics, that helps a lot. 

I ended up purchasing the Acerbis tank.  I have only ridden it on the road/gravel so far but I do like it, it seems much easier for a tall guy to grip the bike with my knees. The seat does come up a bit higher in the front but it does not seem to be an issue when riding  


I have an acerbis tank on order. The Clark and others have the same steeper angle of the seat bending up.

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