Hey just joined the page looking forward to talking with you guys! Alright I have a 2014 crf450r and I am getting tired of messing with the air forks. So I'm wanting to swap the whole front end. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what triple trees would work from 250s

I think the forks from older CRF( to 09) and 250 go straight in to your triples

I put 2013 CRF250 forks on my 15', had FC revalve them.  They are light times better then the PSFII forks.  I had to get a different caliper bracket but it would be a straight bolt on for a 13/14 model, no new triple clamps needed.

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    • By fiat2nv
      Hi all, First post here. I need some help.
      Ive just bought an 05 yz 125 for a good price but it needs some work. One of the forks has some pretty severe pitting of the chrome on the stanchion towards the bottom near the brake caliper mount.
      Ive found a pair of good condition forks from an 04 yz250 for a very good price, from the research ive done its seems that both the 04 & 05 forks are 48mm but are different, with the 05 fork regarded as being better than the 04, but not as good as the 06 + sss forks.
      Im looking for the cheapest way to get me riding, Will I be able to make the 04 forks work with my 05 triple clamps, brakes, wheel, axle, spacers etc? If not does anyone know what hardware id need to make it work?
      Finally, as a last resort, does anyone know if i could swap the stanchion from the 04 fork into my 05 forks?
      Thanks, Andrew
    • By Chris Edwards
      Hey guys, I'm wondering what suspension settings you all are running front and rear?  I have a 2017 crf 250r I'm a 210lb newer rider, my settings are currently set at,
      rear suspension low speed  at 12 clicks
      rear suspension high speed 2 turns
       rebound is 12 clicks.
      Left front fork inner chamber 150psi, outer  chamber 10psi, balance pressure 150psi
      Right front fork compression position 7 clicks, rebound 29 clicks
      Sag is 4"
      Thanks guys
      Both used front forks off a 2013 498rr.  No apparent leaks. Looking for $125 OBO + shipping.
      PayPal preferred
    • By tplayer100
      Currently have a 2000 drz400s work stock suspension. From my understanding this is the worst suspension the drz ever came with without even rebound damping adjustment. Therefore I'm looking for a upgrade. I'm seeing three approaches to take. First being a newer year s model suspension with dampening adjustment. A SM model USD forks and triple tree or some USD forks and triple tree from a rmz. So if you were going to upgrade what direction would you go. I currently ride off-road mostly but I do have some 17s for on road with as well so have to keep that in mind. Thanks
    • By bkevinmar
      I know there have been thousands of threads, etc talking about how to make the WP 4CS forks better.  I have them on my 2016 KTM 350sxf and until fairly recently didn't really think they were that bad.  I'm a 38yr old vet rider 165lbs...just started racing (yea I know, a little late), but have definitely put in a lot of seat time and am starting to understand the subtle nuances of the bike and the suspension.  SO, naturally I looked for a way to make my forks work better.  I live in San Diego, CA, so I have great access to Factory Connection, Race Tech, Pro Circuit, etc.  WELL, for those of you that cannot seem to find the answer, I HAVE IT.  I had a guy come recommended to me (Pete Russell) from someone at Pala...said he was hands down the best in the business.  I took my forks to him and not only did he do an insane job revalving them, he had no problem walking me through every step as I watched him do it.  His  understanding of the inner workings was light years beyond my comprehension, and apparently superior to the big shops as well.  Long story short, if you want your WP 4CS forks to be pure awesomeness, get your stuff done by Pete at NOST Suspension (  He has a 3-5 day turnaround time and charges waaayyy less than you'd pay for an A kit set up.  EVERYTHING is custom machined parts that he developed and I could tell from the second my front tire hit the dirt that it was going to be a world of difference.  I'm very very pleasantly surprised at how awesome my suspension is time to start winning some races!!!!