Return Of WR250R Likely?

I know it is not likely, but has anyone heard the idea of the WR250R coming back into production?

It is still in the Yamaha line as a 2018 model.

I must be fading in and out...I really thought that the WR250R was being dropped from the Yamaha '08  WR250R is strong but would buy another WRR if this one dies..


Thanks TT..



Damn you, Fake News:facepalm::smashpc::foul::banghead:



When it looked like the rumors of the end of USA WRR in the 2017 model year, I went out and bought a low miles 2015 as the eventual replacement for my '08.  It worked out well, because it came with 17" supermoto wheels in addition to the stock 18/21" combo with the trailwings.  I put motocross tires on the '08, so it is now a dedicated off-road machine, and the '15 can be a pure street or a dual sport, depending on which wheels I have on.






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