Poor man needs a light bar… Not divorce papers.

I’m thinking of picking up a curved light bar for my xp 4 1000. I am having a hard time justifying the cost of some of them out there. I have a friend that has had good luck with this one: “$52 Light bar” and being that it is 10-15 times cheaper than a r-industries like this one: “$899 Light bar”.  I am leaning more towards the $52 one.

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the cheaper lights out there? I just don’t want my wife to divorce me over a $900 light... lol

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

I wouldn't drop the coin on rugged. I know there are a lot of people that will disagree and have their own opinion but I see a lot of them with condensation in them. In my opinion they are overpriced and under thought. I would look at Baja Designs if you are looking to spend real money and Amazon/Ebay if you just want to get the cheap one. My needs no longer justify 1500 for a light bar so I run the cheap ones and replace them if they break.


My two cents.

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