Poor man needs a light bar… Not divorce papers.

I’m thinking of picking up a curved light bar for my xp 4 1000. I am having a hard time justifying the cost of some of them out there. I have a friend that has had good luck with this one: “$52 Light bar” and being that it is 10-15 times cheaper than a r-industries like this one: “$899 Light bar”.  I am leaning more towards the $52 one.

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the cheaper lights out there? I just don’t want my wife to divorce me over a $900 light... lol

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

I wouldn't drop the coin on rugged. I know there are a lot of people that will disagree and have their own opinion but I see a lot of them with condensation in them. In my opinion they are overpriced and under thought. I would look at Baja Designs if you are looking to spend real money and Amazon/Ebay if you just want to get the cheap one. My needs no longer justify 1500 for a light bar so I run the cheap ones and replace them if they break.


My two cents.

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    • By Woody Oakson
      So I have a 2008 yz450f and I would like to add some LED lights to it to make it street legal. Mainly just a headlight and a tail light and turn signals if I need to (which where I live hand signals work).
      So where I need help is getting power from the stator to a battery. Wiring from a battery to anything else I got and understand and don't need help with (but recommendations are welcome). So my questions are.
      What type of power is coming from the stator. AC or DC? Will I need a regulator or rectifier? How do I wire something from the stator to charge a battery? What would that wiring look like? Would this stator http://www.rickystator.com/product/stators/yamaha/yamaha-yz450f-35-watt-lighting-stator-assembly-06-09 work? Anything else I should know? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
    • By charcoalford
      Hey guys I just installed drc fender eliminator and 601 turn signals and other than the fast flashing everything works right, when I go to do the front ones the lights won't blink if I attach the oem turn signals at the same time as the leds they flash just fine. Came to the conclusion that the leds in the front don't pull enough power to blink on there own. What can I do to fix this I don't mind the fast rate flashing I just need them to come on. Currently all four leds wired in and no flashing.
    • By JOsnipes
      Hey Guys,
      New to the forum! I purchased my Yamaha WR250f about 7 years ago. I have always hated the stock halogen light. It doesn't put out any light and is super dangerous to ride at night. I recently decided to design and build a custom LED headlight for my bike. It took me awhile to do research but I finally got everything installed and working. I purchased the LED Aux light from Superbrightleds.com. They have very high quality lights for the cost.
      I created a youtube video going over the build and performance of the light. I wanted to post this so others could get ideas for a similar build.
      Let me know if anyone has any questions. I'd be happy to give guidance if someone is wanting to do this on their bike.
    • By dirtrider192
      First off Just want to say I am new to the forum and this is my first write up, so we will see how this goes. After owning my DRZ for a short while I found that the stock headlight was lacking, and decided to do something about it. There are plenty of companies out there that sell led lights like baja designs, or trail tech, but they are quite expensive. Another alternative was to buy just a hid, or led bulb to replace the stock one, but I wanted to try do something different so I decided to make my own set up. Started out by removing the stock headlight and mounts, then taking  piece of 2" schedule 40 pipe cutting it in half and building off of that. 
      Once I had the pieces of pipe secured to the forks with hose clamps, I used 1/2 steel rod and bent it around an old bearing race to create the hoop that would houses the lights. After that used some more 1/2 rod to fix it in relation to the forks.
      Once I had everything tacked where i wanted it, removed from the bike and fully welded it.
      After finishing that up, put it back on the bike the next day, to add a spot for the lights to mount, made it out of cardboard first to check the fit then cut the metal out.  Then tacked it, removed it, and welded it up.
      Test fitted the lights and drilled the holes for them. Got the lights off of amazon, the two cube lights are 20 watts each in a spot beam configuration, and the bar on the bottom is a 30 watt flood beam. The cubes were $50 for both and they seem like good quality, and the bar was $30. They will definitely be an improvement the over stock light.
      Had to make a harness to connect all of them, and I wanted to have it so that when the high beam was turned on the low beam remained on as well. Ended up using a diode to prevent backfeeding of the high beam circuit while the low beam was on.  

      After making sure the lights all worked like I wanted them to, took the mount to work sandblasted it and put some paint and primer on it. And began to work on the front cover. Decided to make it out of fiberglass, then cut out holes for the lights. Cut out a piece of cardboard first to see what id need before I cut out the fiberglass.
      After cutting out the circular part, mounted it up with the lights in and traced them to get an outline of where I would need to cut (I forgot to get pictures of this but feel its pretty straight through). Threw some paint on the fiberglass cover, and mounted it all up on the bike. Been raining like crazy lately and haven't had the chance to get some decent pictures of how bright it is, to go with the before pictures with the stock headlights.
      Im sure it will have some improvements yet to come like making a cover over the back of the lights but for now pretty satisfied with how bright it is, and how it looks.