GAS GAS Contact 250 gas tank range

Hi all,

I'm in the process of buying a 2017 GAS GAS Contact 250.  Eventually, I plan to take it on some of my favorite trails.  Does anyone here own one that could give me an idea as to how long a tank of gas will last with this bike?


i got a 2007 280 txt and rode single track and played around on logs and flat track chasing the kids around and got 2 hrs ride time from 1/2 tank (1.5 litres )

Wow, these things go a long way on little fuel. The Contact has about 3.5 litres capacity, so I'm guessing a 2 hr trail ride should be OK for me too.

Thanks for the info!

On 1/31/2018 at 5:04 PM, kawagumby said:

  Eventually, I plan to take it on some of my favorite trails.

Trials bikes can be a lot of fun, but you really can't bash them over normal trails for hours. They have very limited suspension, both travel and dampening are much less capable than a typical enduro or MX bike. Also, real trials tires are designed to run at very low pressures (about 5 PSI) that will overheat if you blast firetrails and other high speed stuff.

Blasting on a trials bike?  Not me.  That would be a funny thing to watch tho'.

The trails I'm talking about are very, very, tight and demanding.  Not for the typical off-roader or full-sized bikes anymore due to overgrowth and erosion.  My current favorite bike for those trails is a modified KX100 (180 lbs wet) as I can manhandle it around most obstacles.  Most of the time I will using the trials bike for improving and practicing my limited trials skill-set in my backyard area...but with a real trials bike I should be able to clear some trail obstacles previously unconquerable - opening up new areas and challenges-

I have a 2017 Contact 250 and I've done about 2 hours on the tank with fuel left over. It holds a little less than a gallon.



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