Hollister Hills Camping

Howdy all,

I've been riding at Hollister for 20 years but I haven't camped there in 15 years.  In the past I've camped in tents but my wife and I just got our first Toy Hauler....we're planning a trip out this month to break it in. I plan to be there early Friday through early Sunday.

Any recommendations on campsites to aim for? Hoping to minimize quads trying to wheelie, doing donuts, etc. as much as possible. The wife is pregnant so I want her to have as relaxing an experience as possible. Walnut always seemed nice but I hear it's actually pretty loud? Maybe Radio Ridge?

Radio Ridge is nice as long as your not on the road. Try getting a spot by the mini track on the right, it is away from the road and not so much traffic.

Thanks so much. Anyone with experience at Madrone? I park there a lot on day trips but not sure how the camping is...

30 minutes ago, DEARHOLE_YZ250F said:

Hills? I'm out, right @still2smokin & @Mongo134 ?

Too gnarly for me but I enjoy their quad track. Round and round and round and round Mongo goes....

Madrone and Bee camp are good choices. Madrone has a trail that starts at the back of the camp. Not too many people come through. Bee camp is small off the main road.

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