Hollister Hills Camping

Howdy all,

I've been riding at Hollister for 20 years but I haven't camped there in 15 years.  In the past I've camped in tents but my wife and I just got our first Toy Hauler....we're planning a trip out this month to break it in. I plan to be there early Friday through early Sunday.

Any recommendations on campsites to aim for? Hoping to minimize quads trying to wheelie, doing donuts, etc. as much as possible. The wife is pregnant so I want her to have as relaxing an experience as possible. Walnut always seemed nice but I hear it's actually pretty loud? Maybe Radio Ridge?

Radio Ridge is nice as long as your not on the road. Try getting a spot by the mini track on the right, it is away from the road and not so much traffic.

Thanks so much. Anyone with experience at Madrone? I park there a lot on day trips but not sure how the camping is...

30 minutes ago, DEARHOLE_YZ250F said:

Hills? I'm out, right @still2smokin & @Mongo134 ?

Too gnarly for me but I enjoy their quad track. Round and round and round and round Mongo goes....

Madrone and Bee camp are good choices. Madrone has a trail that starts at the back of the camp. Not too many people come through. Bee camp is small off the main road.

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      I have so many I don't know where to start, so I'll start at the beginning.  I remember the first time I ever took my new to me RM85 to the track. I was 14. Sandbox MX in Michigan if your from these parts.  I practiced on the kids track for like 20 minutes and looked out at the big track and was mesmorized.  All those big guys and big bikes ripping that huge intimidating track.  I went for it, and my life was never the same.  It was so hard but at the same time it was the most fun I'd ever had.  A euphoria i had never felt.  It was so profound, I was instantly in love.  It was better than drugs or sex.  The ruts were so intimidating, haha.   I remember my face pasted to the window staring at the track as we drove away like "Oh my god that was the best thing EVER!"  For months I couldnt wait to go back.  That was fall, and the winter between then and the next time I rode was like torture.  I would stay up til 2 AM everynight watching YZ125 gopro videos hahaha.
      We used to ride these powerlines behind one of my best friends house.  We ripped the matted weeds down into perfect loamy black dirt, into a whooped out, rutted out oval.  It was the perfect practice track.  Everyday I would come home from school when I was 16, get on my YZ125, and ride a mile down to my friends house and we would rip the "track" all night.  this was the first place where riding actually "clicked" for me.  I started to "get it".  I remember feeling that feeling of letting it go wide open 6th gear and just thinking "whatever happens, happens" or "F it" and letting the bike work underneath me.  Such an amazing feeling.  Spent so much time back there, thats when I really started to improve.  Eventually the power company rep came back and told me i couldnt ride there anymore (which of course I still did) and then eventually a cop came back and said he didnt care but if the power company tells us to stop again we have to stop.  We still rode back there, but it eventually got too overgrown. 
      I'll throw in a few little shits just to bother you guys who are real uptight too lmfao... One time we were camping and my buddy started a huge fire with VP110 and put his back tire in the fire and roosted the shit out of it and made a dirt bike flamethrower.  Or the time when we were in the powerlines and my other friend killed a rabid possum raccoon with a huge stick, and I hung it from the powerlines (it was our mark).  I remember a time me and one of my best friends were riding the trails and he shot a baseball sized rock off his back tire and i clearly saw it in the air, watched it as it hit my neck, and we kept on ripping the turns 5th gear.  That was a good/bad feeling.  
      Second time I took another friend to the track, he tried to hit this step up which he shouldnt have even thought about trying to hit.  After you land there is an immediate 90 degree left hand turn.  He over shot the step up, landed flying W no hands on the bars, and rode like this into the 90 degree berm which was like a jump face, except steeper.  He literally ass seat bounced 20 feet in the air, over the fence behind the turn where there is a good 40 foot drop onto a road.  Everyone at the track watched and looked at me and I just started running.  I literally ran across the track and said screw the rules, I thought my friend broke his back or neck or something bad.   Sprinted as hard as I could in MX boots over this fence (his bike flew threw the fence and made a huge hole which is still there) and I found him with just the wind knocked out of him.  I was so relieved that he was alive and not paralyzed.  The flaggers and people that saw it couldnt believe it.  We all thought he was gonna be messed up.  Just a very very sore back.  Kinda reminds me of the first time I went to Baja Acres MX and got landed on by a 450. fun times