1983 honda xr 200 resurrected from the junk heap. needs wheels spokes are rusted, need right side plastic and where can i get a silencer

I'm needing some  advice on what might be interchangeable as far as wheels go for this old bike. also what can I replace the dual rear shocks with, maybe something interchangeable with another honda.

Thanks in advance for help

I'm pretty sure if it's a dual shock model, you can't just throw on a swingarm from another year and expect to put on a mono-shock. The frame isn't designed for that, and would take extensive fabrication to make it work. If you mean getting new shocks to still run the dual shock, that, I don't know. You could have them rebuilt. 

It'd be cheaper to buy an '86+ rolling chassis, or frame/swingarm/shock off eBay and swapping everything over from the '83.

I believe the wheels from any year XR200R will work. But if your '83 is a dual shock, I don't think it's an "R", (Chuck and others know better on this). But you can look around at parts lists and cross reference part #'s.


The twin shock xr200 is more old school than most. You need to limit yourself to older hondas.  Parts from xr185 should work.

15mm rear axle and 4 bolt sprocket.

Plastics will have to be old ones found on ebay.  Same for exhausts, I don't know of any other option for the twin shockers.

The shocks are pretty long and finding new replacements will be tricky.  I used a new set of Betor shocks on my tl125, but they would be way to short for the xr

Good luck, they are really nice bikes if you can get it fixed up.

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