Anyone use a DID 520HV chain on wr250?

I got a DID 520HV chain, seems rather wide. Like it may almost rub the casing by the front sprocket. 

Has anyone used this chain before on WR250? 

I think this is a heavy duty ATV chain maybe, it is not listed on the DID website either. :confused:

I have a 2013 WR250F and it has the 520 ERT2 on it

Are you sure its not a 525HV chain which is the same pitch but wider than the OE 520 chain

Not heard of the DID doing 520 in HV spec but it was a common OE spec of chain for 525 size

HV series has been discontinued some years ago hence why it doesn't appear on their website anymore - I think the VM series replaced it but not 100%. I think HV was for the OEM market and VM was retail

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