2012 ktm 450 sx-f vibrates like kx500cc

I have a low hour 450 sx-f dungy edition. Case never been opened. Is it normal that it vibrates? I can ride about a 10 min moto befor my forearms go numb from the vibration. My older yami never vibrated this much. Neither does my fathers kawi.... is there a way to balance the motor to cut down this vibration? Anyone have an idea on prices to get it balanced? Im in socal thank you much ahead of time!

It is not normal.  I am assuming that by saying the cases have never been opened, means that they have not been split.  But has the clutch side engine cover been off to change water pump seals at any time or pull the clutch basket?  The water pump drive gear/shaft is also the counter balancer.  If this was put back in out of time, well, the engine is going to shake...

You should start by assuring that all your motor mount's and swing arm bolt are tight.

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could be a lower end bearing going bad


Thanks for the ideas so far! Ill be looking into the waterpump counter balance first. As there was a shop that did some minor work on the motor when the magic button stopped working, ( starter motor spun without engaging amd couldnt bump start either as if the gears were dissengaged from the crank?) Said it was a 'master key' had come out or broke ?... anyways.. i dont trust the shop very much as ive had issues befor with them. Ill look into that first ill keep u posted

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