Where did you eat last night just right random riddle

Zoom in and look carefully



sadly fido wont be coming home tonight

What? U can't see it? You ate a dawg?

You baaad! 😭

Did it taste good?  I got my truck struck really bad deer hunting when I was 20.  I was by myself with my dog. Luckily I had about 10 cans of chili and manage to dig my truck out after a long cold ass night. I thought a lot about having to eat my dog. I was young and sure I was going to die. The idea of eating by BFF was disturbing. I don't think I could get past it. That mental struggle has never left me. 

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I ate dog when I was in China. It's gross.

I need to look when I'm not drunk! I don't see it?

y'all are &%$#@!ed up

I’d eat the crotch out of a dead horse, with Tabasco


A real man wouldn't need Tabasco.  :smirk:








What? U can't see it? You ate a dawg?

Not the whole dog, just a dog-kebob.  


It was pretty good. Similar flavor to carne asada, but a little bit more texture. Kinda ruff.


I also ate a pigeon. It wasn't very good. Too greasy and not enough meat.
















Dog kebobs (in the background):













The cuttlefish was better than the dog, and the dog was way way better than the pigeon.










Will mitch be sending posts from behind the bathroom door again?

4 minutes ago, The Anvil said:

Will mitch be sending posts from behind the bathroom door again?


Will mitch be sending posts from behind the bathroom door again?

I'm full of antibiotics right now - I could eat at Arby's and still be OK.

"dont worry guys its not the dog that hurt my tummy, it was the ice cubes" -mitch

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