Axis Racing Suspension

Bought an 07 KTM 250 sx and it has Axis Racing Suspension stickers on it. Idk if theyre just stickers or if its the real thing but im not super familiar with Axis racing suspension. My question to everyone is, is axis racing suspension any good? Second, how do i tell if its legit axis racing or stock? Picture below of bike.IMG_0402.jpg

I have Dunlop stickers on my bike - but i'm running Pirelli   :D

I mean it doesnt really matter though right? Did the guy you buy it from weight the same as you, same skill set and experience, how fast is he? Does he mx or trail ride? Makes more sense to send it out and get it set up for you. 

I guess it really doesnt matter but ive been toying around with the sag and learning how to adjust/tweak my own suspension. I was trying to see what others knew about the “possible” current set up. The rider before me was some guy from philly. Basically a street rider. I grew up racing mx and currently looking to use this bike for hare scrambles and mx. He was maybe 185lbs. Im 196 (without rider gear). I tore the whole motor apart and rebuilt it. All new plastics, sprockets, chain, blah blah blah. EVERYTHING is new except the suspension. Im going to get the suspension done next but i wanted to learn more about suspension work myself first.

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