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Are all bike hours the same in terms of service? Would you  adjust the service schedule because you rode it hard.... or easy? I spend 80% of my time at near idle pretending to be a trials rider, playing on obstacles, cross training. Would these hours be considered easy hours? I don't want to assume anything. Optimal rpm's could be easier than lugging a motor????. My skidsteer recommends a minimum rpm, so maybe there is something to this idea.  Possibly my 80 to 1 oil recommendation from the factory accounts for the assumption that the bike would be ridden easy, thus factory service regime would apply. Can I assume that the service requirements hinge on the engine hours and not the bike as a whole, meaning if I added another 20 hours to the factory recommended 40 hrs for my service, deciding on 60 hours as my target engine service hours, I assume the other things, such as bearings, etc could wait until then???? I assume that the high hours relative to the low miles means these things should be fine to wait another 20 hours. My service plan from the manual is simple enough. Gear oil, swingarm bearing check, freeplay......  Opinions

No, not at all.  Manufacturers recommendations are based on "average" riding. 

Some riders can go longer, others not so much. 

Mechanical design has a bit to do with it as well, brand to brand and model to model. 


With time you'll figure out how much is "enough".  I've sent oil samples out for analysis, so I know how long the oil I use is good for, in my motor, with the riding I do.  There are things I check more often than the manual recommends, and there are things I go much more than the manual recommends. 


Ya - for example I use an hour meter and change engine oil/filter and tranny oil MAX 10 hrs. Then I check engine oil for level and colour before every ride. If the oil starts looking really dark (harder rides) I'll change way sooner.

Another example is the Honda recommends changing the piston every 15 hours on my 05 CRF250R. I've now got 250ish hrs on my last one.

IMO the key thing is doing regular preventive maintenance and particularly for motors using an hour meter and doing oil/filter changes with the best products you can afford FREQUENTLY.

Otherwise I did not do my lower linkage for almost 10 years and this was what I had to deal with. I'm now doing bearings etc way sooner :)


I was wondering..... LOL, I can't see it in the field, so I have never, even once, looked at mile dash display on my KTM. So, I got out my manual. I figured it was miles only. But it has more. Trip 1, trip 2, total miles, hours, and average speed. My bike is a 2017. I have 530 miles, 55 hours and an average speed of 9 MPH. I figured the average speed would be much lower..... because I play for hours, likely 80% of the bikes hours, playing like a trials rider. Slow play on obstacles. Surprised that it was not more like  5mph. Manual says 40 hour service. I think I will wait until the next rainy day

From the owners manual for my CRF


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