WR250f Headlight

Hey all! 

I have a 2002 WR250f that i am converting to be street legal and i am struggling to get the high low beam set up proper.  I bought a tusk enduro lighting kit that has a high low beam switch but i cant seem to get it figured out.  The bike has three wires coming out of the bike one was black one was blue and one is yellow.  Using my volt meter i cant figure out which is the ground.  Does anyone know which wire is the power wire? And which of the other two are needed? The light has three connections one for power and one for high and one for low. The enduro switch has three wires coming out of it one is black one is blue and one is white.  Does anyone what the trick to this could be?


Thanks a million! 

You should be able to ohm the wires out with your meter. Switch the meter to ohms and bond one lead to the bike frame and start going through the wires with the other lead. The ground wire should read zero ohms when you find it. Ohms measure the resistance. The rest should be cake. They can be sorted by process of elimination with the light hooked up.

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