Looking for some honest opinions

I bought some warp 9 pegs for my drz and when they fold up they fold right into the rear brake lever and into the frame on the left side. They dont have that lip on them that the originals pegs have to stop that from happening. I called warp 9 and the guy acted a little surprised like he didn't know this was an issue. He said if I wanted to I could return them to the place I bought them from. My question is would anyone else use these pegs or return them due to this issue. They have been installed obviously that's how I know this issue exist so I'm thinking I might have some issues getting them returned. Any thoughts would be helpful thank you.

If your not happy with them, work with the seller to find out if a return is possible.. Its clearly an issue you cold only discover after install. It is also unexpected due to them being marketed as a direct replacement, and they do not function as the original item.
If the retailer will not work with you, re contact Warp 9... see what they will do... Perhaps even offer to try an improved design later as a direct swap of parts if they are interested in changing the design 

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