Leftover 2017, RMX or RMZ?

I ride a 2006 RM-Z450 normally but it starting to show its age and needs more work then I want to put into it. I compete in semi-pro hillclimbing, but am building a CR500 for that. I am looking for a bike to do lots of trail riding, gravel running, desert riding, and also hillclimbing. So I am trying to decide whether a RMX or RMZ would be better for what I need. Local dealer has 2017 RMX and RMZs for around $7k. I really like the RMX and know it will be better on trails but feel like it might lack in some things I need.

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Buy they RMX and never look back. That is a smokin deal. The RMX has a wide ratio gear box so it will do over 90 mph bone stock, perfect for gravel roads and wide open spaces, and it has plenty of torque for hillclimbing. I mostly ride trails and climb hills with mine and its freaking awesome. I paid well over 7k not including the aftermarket stuff I put on it so jump on that deal. It's a shame these bikes don't sell, they are wonderful machines 

$6000 at my local dealer for the '17 X. Still sitting there lonely and forlorn.

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