Hand guards

Does anyone know if the factory hand guards from a 2017-2018 KTM 500exc will fit a 2014 KTM 500exc. I am digging the white and black. 

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    • By ASternad
      What Pro Bend package works best with a 08 TE510. I want to mount to the triple clamp vs. the handlebars. There are two type side and front mount.
      Which one is right?
    • By 2 GTOs
      I am leaning towards purchasing the Cycra Probends for my 09 DRZ400S and I am trying to decide on the mounts and whether to get the newer CRMs
      I am considering the side triple clamp mounts and the probends (not the CRMs) but would like opinions on which set up works best and if I need to spend the extra money for the CRMs.
      Opinions please...
    • By EddiePA
      I'm in the market for handguards and I hear great things about Zeta products and Wheeling Cycles Supply. I want a handguard that will offer protection against impacts and offer wind protection as well.
      I'm currently looking at the Armor Handguard...
      In conjunction with the XC Protectors...
      The description says the XC Protectors work with the Armor Handguard, but the pic of the Armor Handguard doesn't show any holes to accept the screws that fasten the XC Protectors. Do the holes need to be drilled in the Armor Handguards? Also, which Armor Handguard better suits the DRZ and XC Protectors; straight or bend style?
    • By wydopen
      got a set of these for my kx 250..they are well made although the fit leaves allot to be desired...
      i got the correct clamps for pre 08 pro tapers..when you bolt it to the bar end the other side that mounts to the clamps ends up about 2" away from the clamps..in order for you to bolt them to the clamps you have to force the guard against the clamp while you tighten the bolt...this puts allot of tension on them...
      i rode a 40mile loop with them and the bars felt super stiff.. transferred way more vibration to my hands then they should have...aside from re bending the handguards i dont really see anyway to fix it other than rubber mounting them somehow...the only way these could bolt up without putting them under tension is if you are running bars from 1976 with 3" of sweep...
      anybody have similar issues or a solution aside from putting my new 100$ handguards in a vice and re bending them??