Son heard a pop - now bike won't start

We put a new clutch into my son's 2007 WR250F over last weekend and I noticed quite a bit of aluminum "slurry" in the clutch and oil filter.  We buttoned the bike up and put fresh oil and filter in it and I told him to go put around for short time and then we would change the oil again.  He didnt listen and was horsing around wheeling the bike left and right and heard what he described as a "pop and a ticking sound" and the bike stopped running.  

The bike has compression when it's kicked over.  Does anyone have suggestions on where to start to look into what's going on?  We are new to this bike and have only owned it a month or so.  I had not been able to check the valves in it yet. 

Thanks for any info.


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I'd start by pulling the valve cover, sounds like a possible cam chain failure

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