IMS 4.0 install problem

2002 DRZ400E.   Hey all. I'm having an issue with my new IMS 4.0G tank. I have it installed now (took 1 1/2 hours to get the Emperor rad guards and the IMS tank to bolt together well) but the seat will not fit far enough up for the rear seat bolts to line up, they are still about 3/4" away. 

39999392652_90b9a99975_c.jpg20180201_160931 by Rob Ert, on Flickr

The plate doesn't really adjust. And I was hoping to get some input from anyone that has installed the same tank to a 400E before I cut the seat plastic

26158653678_23c9e99077_c.jpg20180201_161328 by Rob Ert, on Flickr

And before anyone asks, yes I have hit it aggressively with a mallet...:smirk:



I have had to lengthen the seat hook on more then a few plastic tank installs...  tankhook.JPG.0de00f55365689042b03da99f87c3f49.JPG

Is there 2 models one for E and one for S,SM?. And you have the correct one?

Yes I have the correct tank for the E model. The issue isn't that the hook won't reach the seat it is that the seat hits the seat hook too soon. If I cut the plastic under the seat it will allow the seat to move up another 3/4" or so and then the bolt holes will align. Not a big issue just wanting some input before I take out the sawzall.....

I had the same problem with my Acerbis tank. it isn't the length of the metal tab its the width. measure and grind it down to the proper width and it will slide forward enough for proper fitment. see before and after pics below.



WeChat Image_20180203145546.jpg

WeChat Image_201802031455582222.jpg

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