Spots to ride near paso Robles or San Miguel

I'm working right outside of paso in San Miguel, ca... I've seen some riders go into the river bed in San Miguel creek and ppl say to ride in there. Has anyone around the area ridden there?

I grew up in Paso Robles back in the late 60's early 70's. I also worked oil field construction at San Ardo in the early 80's after I got out of the Navy. Sadly most of the Central Coast was private property even back then when I was riding dirt bikes and I'm sure even more so these days. I don't think anyone will bother you riding in the Salinas river bed. We used to go to Kettleman City and Black Mountain (Pozo) or ride in the Almond orchards in Paso. Good luck Grasshopper!

pozo is the only legal place around there. You can ride in the river bed buts its technically not legal. pozo can be pretty fun when the weather is right. 


Just about everything around here is private property and has been for a LONG time

Ocotillo Wells in the summer?

Woods Ranch. New Idra, CA

Malibu Beach.


Rock Front




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