Plug Fouling Fixed!!!

All of my plug fouling problems were caused by bad gas. The bike would run for about 10 minutes until it collected enough deposits on the plug to quit. Looked like electrical problem after the bike was hot. Tried ignition, coil, stator, etc., and then...race gas.

Runs mint. Plug couldn't look any better. Get some and haul ass.

Why am I not surprized.

Which did you go with?

That happened to me once "Bad Gas"

But it was due to me eating at that super tacaria again before I hit the Hills :)

I know your pain, many of us do. The curse of Ethanol.

Ethanol can be fun, but its gotta be straight!

give me straight ethanol and 15.5:1 compression and away ill go

The speed of stink ay Ego!

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