YZ250 1999 intake boot differences

Hi. Got 1999 yz250, my intake rubber/boot is ripped. Im looking for buying new one, it's hard to find 1999 model, what's the differences between 99-00-02 etc? Btw my carb is Dellorto PHBE 36 HS, so Im not even 100% sure is it 1999 intake boot right now.. Engine&frame is 1999. 

I'm grateful for any help and sorry for my bad English..

any pics and inside diameter measurements of the boot ?

any numbers on the boot ?

outside diameter of carb intake

Carb is 44mm. Numbers: 5CU-00-1

Well didnt measure the boot but will do it next time if needed..

And I know its dirty :lol:


The intake boot (joint, carburetor) p/n 5CU-13565-00-00 is the correct part for the 1999 YZ250...


The part for the 2002 & up bikes (p/n 5NX-13565-00-00) has the same bolt pattern as the older part, so it will bolt on. We installed the 2002 intake spacer on a 2000 motor without issue.

The reed "stuffer block" (p/n 4XL-13625-00-00) is the same for 1997 thru 2017, so there is a lot of commonality in the intake of these bikes. The one problem may be the actual carb body size where it fits into the intake. I think that is what S.O.A.N.Z. is asking about.

The "5CU-" is the correct (stock) carb for your '99.



Good luck, and keep us informed with what you do. :thumbsup:

Eh,  PWM38 Keihin is correct carb for '99? I mean, ECU- numbers were in the boot.. And 44mm is the size of dellorto's intake.. -Size Fixing for air filter: Ø65mm 
Fitting mounting -Size intake pipe: Ø44mm (with double anti-slip lips) 

But yeah need to make some calls. Btw that dellorto worked fine. Got gnarly pipe, stock silencer, wossner piston, 18" rear wheel, so its for kinda enduro and the bike is just for fun/lolz.

Order the  5CU-13565-00-00   :thumbsup:

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