KXF 450 2018 mapping

Hi I'm looking for advice for tuning my 2018 kxf450. As a completely standard bike I've experienced some detonation when the bike is hot. Ive used each coupler and found the standard (green) to be the better one at minimising the 'pinging' but still is an issue.  I use pump fuel and i don't want to buy race fuel simply because of the cost and i would buy a Vortex ignition but thought il try tuning the standard ignition first. I have access to the kawasaki tuning software at a local dealer and was wanting some advice on where to go with it. I believe they are simply mapped too lean in standard form and would like to know if anyone has any idea how much to richen it or any other adjustments.  


i dont have data to share, but there are a lot of parameters to consider. I would concentrate on ignition timing and table mapping. if you can pinpoint where in the rpm range its detonating it would help pinpoint where to focus your changes. make small changes and test whether they made any effect and repeat until your satisfied. Hopefully someone with real world experience can chime in. 

Just try this before you start spending money on ignitions and mapping it...

go buy some vp or Sunoco 110 and add 1 gallon of that to 3-4 gallons of pump. That should take care of the detonation. You don't need "race gas", you just need a bit higher octane than pump fuel. 

Mixing the 110 this way should raise the average octane per gallon enough to stop the pinging. It worked on my '13 and I do the same with my 17. A local race shop gave me this tip. I was ready to do the same as you, but I put 130+ hrs on my 13 after I started mixing 110 and pump and never had it detonate again. 

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