2017 - Trail Riding Devon UK - Best Bits Video

Here's a 17 minute video condensed from 20 days of riding the trails of Devon UK troughout 2017.  Mostly filmed from my WR250F with a supporting cast of 250Fs, WR450Fs and a sprinkling of orange, red and green.  Plenty of dirt, wry observations and general arsing about.  Sound required - hope you enjoy...



Quite enjoyed that

Wish I had a tenth of that available to me - we got next to nothing in Worcs

Vid wouldn't be complete without the obligatory moaning ramblers saying you can't come down here

Enjoyed the video very much, was glad to see that green + wet = slick is world wide, noticed that Aliens are everywhere pulling bikes in to the bushes, no matter where you are in the world bikes sometimes just laydown and take a little nap. If you get a chance come on over and ride the Arizona desert, not as wet! 

This should be a pic of the wide open desert but my in-fernal-net connection won't let me at this time.

Thanks a bunch and a half

Very much enjoyed the vid. The WR250 looks like it can handle just about anything! I like the lady who was just absolutely disgusted with you guys.

Thanks folks.  Yes the obligatory moaning locals get to make an appearance in the end of year videos.  I sometimes wonder why we bother to be courteous to these people, they're the type who'd complain that they had too much money if they won the lottery.  And yes, the WR will go most places but likes to lie down if it gets a bit tired.

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