Hauling 2 dirt bikes and a quad with shortbed

I plan on loading a quad on the bed, and the 2 bikes on a dual carrier that mounts to a hitch. However, when the tailgate is down, it blocks the carrier leaving no space to load a bike into one of the slots. Therefore, I plan to getting a hitch extender but I believe the capacity of the extender is only 500lb. Has anyone done this with no issues carrying 2 dirt bikes? Its going to be a constant load for 24 hours.

Heres the link for the products:



Dual Hitch carriers


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What kind of tow vehicle?  I have an F150 and have used the two bike hitch carrier to haul my CRF250x and my son’s TTR125.  I have to say the truck rides like CRAP with both bikes on there.  Very noticeable degradation in steering and braking performance.

When I just carry one bike on the rack you don’t even feel it is there — but add that second one and all that weight so far aft of the rear axle - there is a big change.  When I carry two bikes I am just going about 60 miles to the trailhead, I would not want to drive 24 hrs in that configuration.  And I can only imagine with the weight positioned even further back with a hitch extender that could be downright dangerous.

Here is a pic of of my set up.  Look how the weight causes some droop in the rack with the second bike.  With a hitch extender the rack may just drag on the ground!  



U just hate trailers?



41 minutes ago, BlackBuzzard said:


U just hate trailers?



Road tripping to Vegas and ride the next day. Just the convience of not having a trailer 

I did a 3k mile trip with my wr426, crf250, and a ltz400 in the bed. I loaded the bikes first and put the rear tires on the bed rails then loaded the quad in between. I then put the rear tires on jackstands. The swingarm or chain and sprocket would rest on the quad  tires without them.  Some timbrens or airbags would help the rear but it did fine on the highway. 


On 2/2/2018 at 11:53 AM, J.Quest said:

Road tripping to Vegas and ride the next day. Just the convience of not having a trailer 

Normally it is a good thing to let common sense overcome convenience.

Can't you stand the quad up on its rear wheels and strap it down in order to close the tailgate? I'm not a quad guy but I've seen trucks hauling 2 quads in the bed of a truck like this before. I used to use a dual Joe Hauler with a 450r and a 250r with no problems. Get yourself a hitch immobilizer that will stop the rattle and help keep the hauler from sagging.

I used this one:


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