Yz250 Winterproject suggestions

Hello fellow Yz-Lovers, I´m New to this forum :) 

Starting to see the end of my "Winter-Project" and I am fairly pleased with the result.
But i cant stop thinking that the bike would look "THAT" much better with tripleclamps in a different colour.

What are your suggestions? Whats the best performing/looking tripleclamps on the market?

And also, All black seatcover with lots of grip, what brand ?


// Gustav





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If I were you, I would get bronze Pro Circuit triples. They look “factory” to me and I would get them if I had the cash for them. 

As for the seat cover, design your own on MotoSeat! Good company with good products.

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Xtrig ROCS clamps are nice but they change the offset, I have a BUD seat cover and happy about the grip it has

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