'04 YZ450F & 87 w/Octane Boost

:confused:Has anyone tried to mix pump gas, 87 octane with a octane boost additive? I am new to this forum and read a lot of the posts that discussed fuel, but they mainly discussed mixing racing or aviation fuel with pump gas.

I am from California and the price of gas keeps rising. I was just wondering if an octane boost was an alternative with out sacrificing the machine.


You're better off using premium gas, preferably 94 pump posted octane number. Octane boosters are expensive and you won't be able to improve your crappy 87 octane fuel much more than an extra octane number. (Octane points are tenths of octane numbers). When only 91 octane gas is available, mixing with some 100 LL(low lead) aviation gas (1/3 in my case) will give you the desired octane to avoid engine pre-ignition (ping).


How much gas do you actualy burn??? Dude, quit trying to skimp and just buy pump premium. You're bike needs it.

Come on man, you gotta think outside the box here...what are you hauling the bike in? can you get by with something smaller? :D

All bike related sacrifices must come last :)

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