94 KX125 Jumping

 Ok everyone, Ive done some researching on my problems and have come to some conlusions of what the issues may be. So my main issue is with jumping.

 #1 Problem one is if im on the gas hard when I come off the jump my rear end tends to drift left or right off the jump. I land it hard on the gas and all is good, its just slightly scary, haha. I believe Im balanced and all over the bike but that might not really be the case. The track has been muddy past few times Ive been, so maybe the rear tire spinning and slipping as I leave the face of the jump? I notice if I hit the jump without being on the gas as hard, I usually flight straight. 

#2 Problem two is my front end is usually staying a bit higher and sometimes way to high when leaving the jump. I haven't gotten to the point of brake tapping yet, Im still trying to get comfortable on the bike again and loosen up. Im just trying to push myself to hard I think for what my skills are right now. Again, a lot of this issue seems to be when on the gas hard when going to the jump and up the face of it. Maybe I need to just hold the throttle steady up the face of the jump instead of ringing it out. 

#3 Problem three, is sometimes if Im charging hard and go up the face of the jump, as soon as my front leaves the face of the jump, my forks slam back out (sounds like bottoming out, but they are just slamming back out fast) and this ends up the nose diving down some but not enough to nose dive and crash, just still scary.

Im assuming some of these issues will need the suspension and all to be tuned, but its something Ive never done. I also know I probably need to stop pushing so hard and just get more comfortable and learn to loosen up some before trying to clear some of these jumps. Im just hard headed and want to be clearing some jumps again.

Thank you.

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