Piston Rings.

So I got my shift lever on and piston back in the cylinder then was looking online and read that the markings always go up on piston rings. However, I'm almost positive my top ring would only fit with the markings down. It's also an L shaped ring. Not sure if this is an issue, just wanted to double check with you guys who have a lot more experience with this stuff than me before I pull it all apart and start over...


Thanks guys.

If that's truly an "L" shaped ring, you're correct that it should really fit only one way.  The piston kind of dictates that.  Sounds like maybe the piston isn't the OE?  Some aftermarket pistons come with Dykes rings so maybe post a pix of the piston and ring to make sure.  BTW-is there a Wiseco part # on the piston dome?

Edit. Google "Dykes piston ring"  images.  There's a couple of good examples there.  Just a thought - Hopefully you have the correct ring to match the piston!

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Here are the Chilton manual instructions on ring orientation.


Piston head says 25 on it. My assumption is that it's over-bored, which would explain the aftermarket L(dyke) style piston ring. I'm gonna go with it for now. Kicks over well and seems to have decent compression...

Thanks guys for the help, again

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