17’ & 18’ KTM 500 kickstand bolt

I’ve read there were issues in the past with the kickstand bolt. Is that fixed on the newer models or does it need a different bolt. 

The dealer replaced mined with a longer Torx flathead. 

I’ll have to take it out and look at it I guess. I’m not sure what the issue was on the other models. Bolt is too short?

That's what he told me. I went to the PMB stand. The bike weighed 231 bare bones new. By the time I got it ready for desert trekking it's up to 260 with all the protection, HD tubes, etc. That doesn't include gear & extra fuel loading. Stock stand would be fine for trail use up to 250 lbs if you were careful.


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that was such a great post I had to read it twice ?

I think it was something like this:


I can tell you there are no problems with the 12-16 ktm kickstands. Not sure on the earlier Ktm’s though.


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