2001 Gas Gas 321 TXT Rear RIm

So in the middle of Mid-Winter preventative maintenance, I discovered a crack in my rear rim.  So I need replacement.  Thinking I was cool I ordered an Excel Rim.  In the process of lacing it up, I discovered that there are different drill hole patterns for the spokes.  I think they are called left hand and right-hand drilling.  Turns out the Excel Rim is right hand drilled and the Gas Gas is left hand drilled or visa-versa.

Anyway, the GasGas rim is tubeless, but since I'm using a Tubliss system I don't need a tubeless rim.  SO does anybody know where I can source a 18x2.15 rim that will fit a Gas Gas drill pattern??

Nope, a tubeless rim would work, it's just that I could use either.

That link is the correct part / number

Called him and have a rim on the way.  Thanks

4 hours ago, GasitandCrash said:

Called him and have a rim on the way.  Thanks

AWESOME!!! Glad to hear that worked out for you!!

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