13 te250 running issues

Hi guys! 

Im thinking about buying a  13' te250 with some running problems..

The bike starts and idle fine.. when given  gas (in neutral)  its bogs throgh mid rpm but run well on high rpm. 

When the chock is on the rpms are unstable, revving up and down

Also, its shutting off by itself after some throttle wacks and a few meters ride.. 

The owner is a mechnic who doesnt have time to fix it.. he says that the engine is perfectly fine and on his opinion its something that related to electricty or the Efi system..

What do you think? Has anyone met those symptoms before? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated:) 

sorry for my bad spelling hh

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Fuel pump filter is probably clogged, and along with that, a possibly a contaminated Fuel nozzle (corrosion), which will in turn foul the plug.

Removing the pump and splitting it apart is the only way to replace/clean the filter. It is typically pure black with contamination.

The nozzle can also be contaminated, and needs to be pressure cleaned (search youtube for 'cleaning ktm injectors')

FI bikes require you filter the fuel and treat the fuel or these issues will come back.

FYI: this bike does not have a choke, just a fast idle knob. 

Ive started working last night..

The fuel pump filter looks fine. There is some corrosion on the pump and also on on the fuel pipe line..

The injector seems to be fine..is there any chance it could be related to one of the sensors or electrical component? 


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Some plug pics.. 20180207_194213.thumb.jpg.c6c8a3cce7aea431d34060caa2b443d3.jpg



If the motor starts and idles, it is not a FI sensor.  It could be a bad Thottle Position Sensor. The factory service manual tells you how to test it.  

Your description points to a poorly working fuel nozzle: not spraying consistently fine enough to create a good A/F mixture that will burn at all rpms.

Pull the nozzle and pressure clean it.

...if you have no 'studdering' then it's not an ignition part that is arcing across something broken or corroded.

Your sparkplug is bone white, which is a symptom of bad gas or extremely hot or lean conditions.

I would still replace your fuel pump filter. 

holy shit..i cant believe it but i think its actually worked!

ive cleaned the injector and the fuel pump filter(seemed quite clean..)

suddenly the bike is running fassttt!!

i couldnt get pass 50 mph and now its cruising on 70 effortless..

still not running perfect..little bit hard to start,especially when hot..(e start doesnt work,kicking it),rpm bit unstable on idle and there is some popping on Deceleration/(maybe its fine..i dont know).

THE KRAN thanks alot for the help man!!really appreciated. 

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