CRF50 wheel bearings

I'm doing some winter cosmetic mods to the boys 2004 CRF50.  I got a used rim that I'll be using to replace the wobbley one that is current on there.  I noticed the wheel bearings on the one I bought seem a little sticky/hard to rotate.  Since it's off I figured I'd throw new ones in since they are cheap.  Any words of wisdom on removing and installing them?  I just bought OEM ones...nice and cheap and its just for my kid to run around on...

Theres no circlips holding them in so just knock them out with a drift or similar


Thanks.  They gave me a little grief but I got them out.  Waiting the new ones to arrive.  Any tricks to getting them in or just the usual? (appropriately sized socket or driver and toss them  in the freezer beforehand)

Just the usual, toss them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes and then install with the socket. I also use a big flat washer, it gives me the ability to tap all around the bearing edge evenly.


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