Cable Question!

I was riding my 2000 YZ426 the other day when one of the throttle cables broke. I decided it's about time to change both throttle cables and the clutch cable. But here's the question, if i greased the end that frayed and broke which is the end that goes to the carb throttle wheel. Do any of you think that will prolong the life of the cable or just collect blown in dirt and grind it away?

When you replace the throttle cables you get them as a pair and there is only one way to put them on. :D Grease wont do any good on the cable ends in the carb and may create problems in the carb with build up or clogging of jets. :)

HUH??????? Thats what i said! you must be drunk, yes thats it! I got drunk last night, i had a 40 OZ if King Cobra and now i got a headache and hangover. Yes thats it, you're drunk, thats why you did'nt answer the question and told me something i allready said. :)

The problem with the cables on the 02 is the same problem that Yamaha had with the 99's. The angle of the cables at the bracket coupled with the small diameter of the throttle wheel cause the cable to rub on the inside of the return cable causing the fraying problem. The only way to extend the life of the cable is to replace the throttle wheel with something like the Ty-Davis wheel which is much bigger and lifts the return cable off the sheath at it's end. I have learned to keep two things in my toolbox at all times...A set of throttle cables and a spare decomp cable. It seems that both of these break at the damdest times.

Bonzai :)

Believe it r not, i was sitting by a small body of water when it broke. When i started my bike it was broken. Thank god theres 2 cables cause i woulda been a-mushin-and-a-pushin for a while. can you give me a link to the site?

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