CRF250X Converion to SM Tips

I am currently in the thought process of purchasing a crf250x and converting to supermoto to get it registered for road use. Just wondering if anyone has converted and what tips you would have for me to maybe make it easier? I already have a set of SM wheels off my drz that will fit with new spacers.

Any advice will help!

Since your location indicates New Zealand, what are their specific rules & requirements?


In some regions (USA/Canada etc.) 

sometimes if a bike was initially sold by the manufacturer as 'off-road only', it simply isn't possible to convert it to road legal.


Other places require very minimal add-ons like low/high beam headlight, tail/brake light, horn, maybe DOT legal tires etc.


Ideally you must contact other riders that have gone thru the same process in your region.

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I have no advise but I offer a picture of my bike. Before I bought it. 2004 crf250x IMG_1288.JPG.b185dff020ac910443540d836e17c153.JPG IMG_1289.thumb.JPG.5a1fd2708603c78dc6b0ef2384ebd77b.JPG

Maybe head over to supermoto junkie. They can probably help.

Yea New Zealand is really grey area about this sort of stuff. I think I'm gunna have to go and see an official inspector. 

Honda did a RL (road legal) kit for the CRF. Might be depending on if the carb (fcr) is legal where you live.

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