Any used rear rotors out there??

My rear rotor has a decent bend in it..wondering if any of you guys have a cheapy used one laying around collecting dust. Might try to tweak on it a little but rather just replace it...01'YZ426.

Email at


Thanks in advance. Jason


Good luck! The only used rear rotors laying around will be bent ones. I smacked a rock at Chadwick about a month ago and bent mine just a little. Don't notice it riding and when I priced a new one I decided that I wouldn't notice it! :):D


Chadwick has claimed more bike parts than all the riding areas in the US put together. :)

Ive been riding with 2 bent rotors for 2 years now. It feels weird wheni get on a bike with rotors that arent bent!

Bike shop dealers would go out of business if Chadwick ever closed down.


Going to Chadwick this weekend. If my bike is on the stand the bend is noticable but doesn't stop the wheel. The cheapest rotor new I could find was around 90 bucks. I think mine won't hurt anything for a while.


Don't know if they are any good, but Titax front and rear brake rotors for the 400 and 426 are $50 at Rocky Mountain!


Thanks for the info. Right now they are out of stock on my year. I will keep checking there though. 50 is sure shy of 90!

This was a Milford Lake rock, I can spin the wheel while on the stand, it slows the wheel pretty good when the bent portion rolls through the brake pads. I was given a tip on getting it close to straight again..

Hey Mr. House, reminder, KC group headed your way on the 18th of this month..should be at the Cobb Ridge/KC Day use area..all the way back where 101 starts right from the end of the parking area.

If anyone does come up w/a somewhat straight rotor, let me know. Thanks.

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