YZ450F Clutch Cover Wear

I have to apologize if this is a dumb question but I am new to TT and just bought my first 4-stroke, or Yamaha for that matter, yesterday and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't even been able to really ride it yet due to weather. It is a slightly used 2004 YZ450F.

I've seen posts on how to fix missing frame paint, but is there anything I can do to a worn looking magnesium clutch cover? This is probably the newest bike I will ever own so I'd like it to look new for a little while longer at least.

Thanks for the help.

I sanded mine to the bare magnesium. You don't notice the paint not missing. The scratches do look bad though.

Thanks for the tip. Did you hand sand it or sand blast?

Just remember you're working with about 3mm of magnesium at most, don't want to take off too much when sanding. I haven't tried it yet (on this part) but I would imagine scotchbrite might not look too bad? sort of a brushed look?

i sanded off all the paint then polished it comes up like chrome

If you polish it, you'll have to touch it up after every ride...not a real big deal, as it only takes a few minutes to get it nice and shiny. I did mine with 220-320-400-600-800 then buffed it with a cloth wheel on my grinder. After I ride and wash it I touch it up with a mini cloth buffing wheel in my cordless drill (bought it at home depot in a metal polishing kit for under 20.00).

I notice that water or soap makes it hazy....the cloth wheel brightens it right up...looks like a chrome mirror. A coat of auto wax after buffing seems to prolong the shine too.


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