valve adjustment short cuts

when i first did valve adjustment (one week ago) , i followed the i did my friend's wr400 valve adjustment and noticed that we dont have to remove the chain tensioner but only to lock it , and we dont have to remove the decompression shaft but only to take it out a little. this two things saved me lots of time , not to mension the helicoil set that i had to buy to recoil the decompression shaft screw.

Now you can start charging your buds.. :)

I figure a steak and a six pack should do :D

And of course I would expect a small royalty fee :D

[ May 07, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


dont worry i didnt forget to mention yuor name egoahole , u and all the guys here at t.t r the best , i could never do it without u.....

please answer me on the wr to yz timing question...

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