riding areas near Las Vegas/southern NV?

Will be on assignment there for a few weeks this summer, any recommended areas for my 'pig if I bring it along? Also, any tuning mods recommended (currently near sea level)?


Yeah, we have riding areas out here. You have Valley of fire (logandale), Nelson Hills, and about as much open desert you can stand. If you are gonna be here in the summer you had best be ready for some serious heat. We ride all year round here but the locals are used to 115 degree temps. I would suggest you not ride alone, the heat can (and will!) kill you in about 15 minutes if your not careful. A pack/bladder system is a must!

But, for riding we have all you can eat! :)

...best be ready for some serious heat...

Thx :)

And, I'll try not to make the local fishwrap by spontaneously combusting.

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