another wr to yz timing

when i adjusted my friends 99 wr400 valves i also changed his timing to yz timing. i guess i did it well cause the bike started on first kick . but i want to b sure i did it right - how do u guys count the 12 links , from where to where ? (i counted from the 12 oclock on the exhaust to the 12 oclock on the intake....

and one more thing - what if ill change the timing on my yz 1 tooth clockwise? like on the wr to yz timing , as it on 9,12,3 on both cams....











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bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttt wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy??????????????


I posted a simular question, regarding the timeing. The manual says to have the TDC at the with the cam lobs at say 11 oclock 1 oclock

two other manuals I look at say to align the to divits flat with the case Remember cams.jpg

Remeber we talked about that.

What I found after talking to a old tuner bud of mine is this

1: Unless you establish the timing of the cams with a degree wheel follow the YZ manual

2: dont worry about the divits being out of place

3: follow the manual (YZ)

the diff is a high and low spot on the cam and the divits. I would not recomend moving the cams at all for the yz....

okokokokokokok got the idea , wont touch it man .


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