BRP centerstand plan needed!

Does anyone have a simple bike lifting centerstand for their 650r that works well that could take a few minuits and give me the dimentions so I can take it to the welding shop and get one made?

Where I live here, nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Thanks Mark

I bought one with a foot activated linkage. I'm not lifting this puppy onto a stand poor back.

Do you mean a centerstand that is attached to the bike or a lift stand that just lift up the bike for work? :)

I've been using a foot activated lift stand for dirt bikes for my XR650R, just have to time the lifting and stepping right, the BRP goes up on the lift stand rather easily.

I'm about to give up on this and just do a trial and error.

Just a square centerstand, made of pipe or rebar, that you slide under the bike and step on the arm while lifting and pulling back on the bike.


I saw one this last weekend at the track... pretty cool. The stand is simple. Seamingly simple to build too.

I'll try and build one (not try, but WILL as I'm a welder fabricator by hobby) within this week. Maybe I could make more than one and do simple instructions with pipe length and all. That way it'd be peice of cake; Buy the pipe, cut it to length, fit the pipe, and weld it.

'this guys' bike stand held the bike with a single horizontal bar across the bottom frame rails. I'm assuming this is what you're referring to?! And if so, it also had a long handle for leverage to get the bike up onto the stand. Super easy to work with. Even easier then the "foot" style, however a tad more bulky (or longer/and more awkward to store)

Lemme' know


I've got the welder working on mine now, I'm not a fabricator....I'm a lover!

(and a Pig riding fool!)

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